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Legal Department Package

Legal Department Package

The Legal Department Package provides a unique opportunity to improve the legal security of clients, and is also the most extensive legal-assistance solution offered by the Consultancy.

This package is a partnership developed for long-term cooperation between the client and the Consultancy. It aims to thoroughly get to know the specifics of the client's business, the nature of the organisational solutions adopted at the enterprise, and participation in preparation of materials necessary to make business decisions in line with the 'educated decision' principle.

This package is designed for entities that are not satisfied with ongoing legal support of the Consultancy as an outsider, and is implemented based on the client's ongoing orders. The implementation of the Legal Department in a company/group of companies guarantees the client improved communication with lawyers servicing the client and, therefore, improved efficiency of legal support while strengthening the relationship with the Consultancy. The creation of the Legal Department enables the application of the hands on approach (providing ongoing legal assistance) in the given organisational structure.

Innovation in this regard is an initiative of persons providing legal assistance in identifying areas of risk and issues that need to be put in order in the enterprise. It also includes evaluation of offers submitted by external (also international) consultancies specialising in some branches (areas) of law.