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Legal Due Diligence Audit Package

Legal Due Diligence Audit Package

The Legal Due Diligence Audit Package is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who have not previously used professional legal assistance, and for those planning to acquire an enterprise or organised part of an enterprise, or to transform a company.

This service is synonymous with a comprehensive analysis of the legal and tax status of a company (an enterprise or organised part thereof), followed by the presentation of a report on the legal due diligence audit.

The standard scope of a Legal Due Diligence Audit includes:

  • analysis of the background and current legal status of the entity concerned, including by analysing its organisational documents, and by assessing the compliance of any potential transformation and changes in the ownership structure;

  • assessment of the entity's property rights, including tangible and non-tangible assets;

  • analysis of the structure and nature of the obligations of the entity concerned from the point of view of enforced recovery proceedings in progress (at both the pre-contentious and contentious stages) and of the contractual obligations negotiated or concluded;

  • legal analysis of the major commercial contracts (contractual obligations) that the entity is a party to;

  • assessment of permits, licences, etc. required or held;

  • analysis of public-law liabilities;

  • establishing whether the given entity is subject to any fiscal, administrative or other penalties;

  • analysis of court and enforcement proceedings in progress;

  • assessment of ongoing disputes with public administration institutions or with local government bodies;

  • analysis of existing and terminated employment contracts to determine their compliance with the law by analysing employment contracts, employee handbooks and remuneration regulations;

  • analysis of other legal risks that may be associated with the specific nature of the sector the entity concerned operates in.

A report compiled by the Consultancy constitutes important economic information that will allow the client to assess the functioning of the enterprise from a legal point of view; evaluate the legal and tax risks related to planned changes; and implement procedures to improve the legal security and accelerate the development of the enterprise.